planted my fairy garden today…

planted my fairy garden today...

I’ve been having fun with rocks and caulk guns making my fairy castle and upcycling an old plastic fountain into a sparkly waterfall!

Yay Spring!


One Response to “planted my fairy garden today…”

  1. Fairy gardens have been a part of my life since I was a young girl, wandering in a nearby forested lot in our neighborhood to find mosses, soil, sticks, rocks, anything that would create a space in my imaginary fairy’s world! I have one now I created over a year ago that I change around, which is sort of like playing as a child again! It is meditative, a zen thing gardening for me, and this tiny space or larger one as your’s, which I want to try next, brings me fun, peaceful time, and quiet work. Good luck! (oh by the way, add little bridges, mirrors for lakes, and actual fairies sold in some garden centers!

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