In my studio every day last week! Yay me!!

Spent last week in my studio and even brought toys home to play with! It feels great to be so excited about making art!

My friend FA came up to play on Monday, and we painted and drew and doodled and collaged. We had a blast!


photo copy 7

photo copy 2
photo copy 10She’s decided that she needs some art toys of her own, and I have selflessly volunteered to go on an art supply buying trip to Jerry’s Artarama with her. Of course I have no interest in purchasing new art toys myself.

*pause for pointing, laughter, and general hilarity*

photo copy 3

photo copy 4

I usually find that playing art with friends inspires me, and this was no exception. I brought home pens and sketch book to doodle at home in the evenings, and spent at least several hours up at the studio every day this week puttering and painting and generally making a happy mess of my work space.

I love it when the place is cluttered and messy and covered with pieces at various stages and truly looks like an artist works in it!

I have another play date on Tuesday with Ophelia. I’m excited to get to see her again so soon!  She comments on this one stamp I carved every time she sees it, so I brought home rubber and tools one night last week and made her a present.

photo copy 9I have promised her that we will practice faces when we play on Tuesday, and I’ve got a journal page all ready to go to paint in a face and add a little personality… I can’t wait to play!!photo


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