Catching Up

So, I’m noticing a pattern here. I seem to update this blog mostly in the spring, probably because that’s when I’ve got the most to share from Art & Soul and our annual beach trip. Obviously, I’m not breaking that pattern this year because here I am. Let’s start with Art & Soul, shall we?

This year was great fun. Classes with Misty Mawn, Serena Barton, Jen Crossley, Ty & Marcia Shultz, and Mindy Lacefield… pictures to follow. I’m also happy to report that I’ve finally learned to schedule myself so that I am not totally pooped out by the time the retreat is over. Took me how many years to master that one?

Started out with Misty, who was a delight as always… working on faces this year, hardest thing to practice because I don’t feel like I’m any good at it but am trying.

faces with misty

faces with Misty 3faces with Misty 2

Took a fun evening class with Jen Crossley where we made pendants out of old fuse tins. Jen is a blast! She’s so funny and just a lovely woman. Really happy to have finally managed a class with her… and I got to make festive stuff too.

tin dreams

That reminds me, I need to add those rhinestones to that second pendant.

Took a mold making class with Ty & Marcia Shultz. Not gonna lie, the morning started out confusing and a tiny bit frustrating cause my brain didn’t want to process the info, but by the afternoon I was cooking with gas and really enjoying myself. And the best part? I’ve wanted a mold of one of my dresden dolls for years… and now I have one. Yay!

mold making

Love-love-loved my encaustics class with Serena Barton!!! Cannot say enough about how much fun it was and how lovely Serena is and how much the process helped me think about light and shadow and layers in my painting. So worth the price of admission! I actually produced a portrait I truly love!! *squee*


Sadly, I do not get to play with encaustics going forward because I had quite a nasty allergic reaction to the resin in the wax medium. *pouty face* It was so worth it for the experience though.

My last 2 days were spent in a workshop with Mindy Lacefield in a class called Journal Play. Just let me say now that if you ever have an opportunity to take a class with Mindy, you should rush right out and sign up! I don’t have words to tell you how much I got out of this class and how much I enjoyed myself in the process, so I’ll just toss out a few pics…

journal play 1

journal play with birdie

journal play 2

journal play 3

I think I’m finally getting to a point where I’m ready to stop trying to learn every new shiny thing and really spend some time integrating what I already know and practicing and playing and seeing what kind of voice I develop in my art. My pattern thus far has been rush about in a frenzy trying to learn everything at once and end up with no time to practice the new skills; and while I love to discover new techniques and new materials, I think it’s time to leave all those other voices behind and just sit in my studio, be quiet, and listen for the voice I want to speak with. That’s the goal at the moment at least. I’ll try to remember to let you know how I do.


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