A Bird in the Hand

I am so loving Misty Mawn‘s workshop!

We are doing assignments with drawing, painting, creative writing, journaling, and clay. Much to keep up with, but so much fun!

I have done my first sculpture ever… and I wasn’t even planning to play with the clay assignments. I had no idea I would enjoy playing with the air-dry clay so much, but this little girl was so very fun to do. I put a birdie in her hands intending to paint it blue for my mother. She loved blue birds, and when she died a family of them came to live in our yard. I always thought it was a message from her, a sign that she was ok. So, when my little girlie was dry enough to play with, I got to work in my studio with the Adirondack inks and some sponges and …

Squee!!! I love her!

I believe we are supposed to do some photography this week. Can’t wait to play with my camera a little. All this drawing and painting is a bit intimidating to me sometimes, so it will be good to wander back towards my comfort zone for a bit. Though I did really enjoy the clay…

Misty is just so inspirational. I’m sure I’ll love whatever we do going forward. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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