I am Loving Summer Camp!

Carla Sonheim’s summer camp class this week is Faces 101. Now this is a bit daunting, because she calls it that expecting us to have done 101 faces by the end of our 5 days of assignments. Scary! Especially scary for someone who is not so hot on her ability to do faces. You see the delimma.

In reality, I am having a blast!

Part of yesterday’s assignment was to do portraits using artist’s ink and a dropper. This is officially my new favorite thing!

The face to the left is actually the tissue paper I used to blot my original. She blurred badly, but the blotter picked up the cutest little girlie! What can I say? She was my first try, and I was a little heavy handed with the ink. I love happy mistakes!

I kinda messed up the face on another attempt, but I kept going. The more I looked at her, the more I decided that she had real character… even if she wasn’t quite as pretty as I had intended her to be.  I really dig her now. her name is Hattie.

I had a few turn out to be really fun, and a couple even turn out as I had intended them to. I even had one or two turn out better than I had expected! Not bad for a morning’s play.

We are doing little watercolor faces and blind contours as well. Also one line drawings and sharpie sketches to practice shading. And let’s not forget that Carla is fond of asking us to do drawings with our non-dominant hand… though after seeing the sketch I did of her, she might change her mind about that.

I am really having fun. Usually when I have an assignment that is difficult for me, I put it off until I am feeling brave enough to attempt it, but I find myself waking up each morning and heading straight to my computer for the day’s worksheet & assignments. Big thank yous to Carla for making something that I am usually reluctant to practice so very fun to do!

The ink portraits are without a doubt my favorite thus far. Sadly, this requires the purchase of yet another category of art supplies. I have several Liquitex inks, but the dropper in the FW Artist Ink is better for this technique. Oh darn! A trip to the fine art store… twist my arm.

My final inky pic that I want to share is the one I call Our Lady of Ink. My model was a vintage picture of an actress draped in flowy silk, but my inkie girl turned out looking more like a religious icon. Squee! I love her!!


One Response to “I am Loving Summer Camp!”

  1. I love seeing your creativity, Patti! These are so fun! I had a hard time with the ink dropper exercise…I did better with the twig and ink…it’s a control issue 🙂 But you have nailed it! I wanna see more!!!
    I’ve been missing you, and hoping all is well, Carolina Girl!


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