Day o’ Art

I have been a bad artist lately. I’ve been very focused on some projects around my house, so I haven’t made it into my studio in several weeks. Fortunately, I signed up for Carla Sonheim’s summer camp online classes. Hence, motivation to get back to the artwork. Yay! 

My computer needed an operation to replace it’s logic board, so I got a little behind in my classwork last week and had to play a little catch up over the weekend. I did a little to get started on Saturday, but set aside all of Sunday to really focus and finish the first week of class… Imaginary Creatures.

I played with pencils and charcoal and watercolors. Then I played with india ink markers and copics and pan pastels. There was the odd micron pen and some decorative tape as well. I had a blast!!!

Wanna see what I did?




This week is Faces 101. Can’t wait to get my chores & errands done, so I can play this afternoon! Yay art!


2 Responses to “Day o’ Art”

  1. Awesomeness Patti!!!! Love everything!!!

  2. I can’t tell you how much I love the Hedge Hog! Fin has a stuffed one that squeaks and he isn’t sure which one he loves best now. 🙂 Fun stuff!!!

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