Promises & Summer Travel

I haven’t forgotten that I promised stories of my classes & projects from Art & Soul. I just haven’t had time to gather my thoughts and upload pictures.

We left for our annual visit to the Outer Banks the weekend after I got back from Hampton, and there’s no blogging allowed at the beach.

Vacation is a sacred time filled with relaxation and frivolity. What can I say?

We walked on the beach, read trashy novels, collected sea shells, blew bubbles… it was grand!

The beach has been my happy place for as long as I can remember.

My first visit to the Outer Banks – too many years ago to mention – was further down the Banks than Duck, where we stay these days. I went to Buxton, down on Hatteras, and it was magical! I remember getting to Hatteras after dark but really wanting to see the lighthouse. It was still out on the beach at that time. I went out there and it was completely deserted… nothing but the sand and the ocean and me watching the light reach out across the water as it came around again and again. A perfect introduction.

I will get my head back in the blogging game soon, I do promise. But for the moment, I must confess, my brain is back on the beach… in the sand, with my toes.


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