Rediscovering Old Friends

The hubby and I got back from NY and promptly came down with the flu… he of the annual flu shot was just as bad as little old alternative medicine me. It’s nice to know that both of our approaches to health and well being are equally flawed, I suppose. We were both very sick puppies.

But, not to be daunted, I decided that if I didn’t feel like making art, I could fire up YouTube and watch other people be creative. I came across some videos by Teesha Moore – a series laying out her journaling style step by step, starting with a tutorial on how to make a journal from a single sheet of paper and going on through painting, collage, pen work, and lettering. They were great!

I remember being quite fascinated by Teesha’s style when I was just starting to play with collage and art journaling, but somehow over the years I wandered away from it to explore new things. I had forgotten how much pure fun it is!

I’m finally feeling a little better, but just wasn’t 100% yesterday. So I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to pull out the scissors & tape & pens and play in my art journal. I had a blast! 
It’s fun to reconnect with old friends.


2 Responses to “Rediscovering Old Friends”

  1. mmmmm dig your art journal pages!!!
    found you thru Traci’s Y.O.U. course! Love the look of your blog!!

  2. I love your journal pages!! So very fun!

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