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Creativity & Focus

Posted in Artistic Endeavors on March 28, 2011 by Patti

I have been flitting about from one creative endeavor to the next over the past several weeks, and can’t seem to get myself to settle in any one spot for very long. One of the women on the list for Misty’s class just posted recently that she too flits back and forth between her various interests, and is just coming to accept this about herself. I think this acceptance idea is a good one.

Starting off the year with such an inspirational class has really got my muse fired up, but she seems to be all over the place these days. I finally decided to just let her explore at will, and she has taken me on a wild ride. We dabbled in art journaling and altered books for awhile, but just lately she has pointed me back towards writing.

I haven’t really done any serious writing in years, and I have to say I have missed it. I’ve spent this past weekend immersed in research. I’ve finished a long abandoned project that I feared would languish undone forever. I’m busily plotting and outlining a new, and fairly ambitious, project that I hope will rekindle a more lasting relationship with my keyboard.

I am trying to just set aside whatever notions I have about productivity and let the inspiration come in whatever form it will. I am so enjoying this time of inspired play! I can’t wait to see where it will take me next.


Rediscovering Old Friends

Posted in Artistic Endeavors on March 1, 2011 by Patti

The hubby and I got back from NY and promptly came down with the flu… he of the annual flu shot was just as bad as little old alternative medicine me. It’s nice to know that both of our approaches to health and well being are equally flawed, I suppose. We were both very sick puppies.

But, not to be daunted, I decided that if I didn’t feel like making art, I could fire up YouTube and watch other people be creative. I came across some videos by Teesha Moore – a series laying out her journaling style step by step, starting with a tutorial on how to make a journal from a single sheet of paper and going on through painting, collage, pen work, and lettering. They were great!

I remember being quite fascinated by Teesha’s style when I was just starting to play with collage and art journaling, but somehow over the years I wandered away from it to explore new things. I had forgotten how much pure fun it is!

I’m finally feeling a little better, but just wasn’t 100% yesterday. So I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to pull out the scissors & tape & pens and play in my art journal. I had a blast! 
It’s fun to reconnect with old friends.