As I have mentioned, Misty’s workshop isn’t the only thing I’m doing this month. I am also doing an online course with Carla Sonheim called The Art of Silliness.

It is a 30 day class, and each day we get worksheets to print out and fill in – just like in grade school. The assignments are good silly fun. They’re been great to get my imagination going and to get me to draw without taking myself too seriously. The other day, I couldn’t get up to the studio to work on collage for Misty’s class because I was waiting for a service call at home, so I just lay down on the floor with several worksheets & my Pitt pens and colored. It is glorious to make marks on paper without any pressure or real agenda like we all used to when we were kids!

The worksheets have been a good break for me from the effort of trying to master more serious drawing and painting… not that Misty’s class isn’t fun. It’s great… and a wonderful creative outlet in addition to all that I am learning!  I’m just trying to master certain skills in Misty’s class that do not come easily to me, and it is nice to take a break from the pressure of my inner critic and get my head back into a more playful space when I start to take things a little too seriously.

I was worried that I was taking on too much, but these worksheets don’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes to do – and they are a good little decompressor when I’m getting discouraged with my shading or painting skills. They were also a lifesaver for me last week when I couldn’t get up to the studio as much as I wanted… they kept me at playing with art and kept me from losing focus on my goal to make my art a priority this year. They are also a nice low pressure way to practice some of the drawing skills I need to work on anyway.

And did I mention that they’re fun?


This is Carla’s third Art of Silliness workshop, and I believe she is planning to do a fourth this spring. I will be signing up! I recommend it to anyone who wants to play with their art and have a little silly fun… or to anyone who is taking themselves a little too seriously. In the meantime, she has the worksheets from her first Art of Silliness  workshop for sale as a set in her Etsy store if you wanna check them out.

We are into our journalling week with Misty, and she has just posted our lesson for this week. I’m off to check it out… but first, I believe I’ll have a brief silly interlude with today’s worksheet.




One Response to “Silliness”

  1. More awesomeness!!!!!!!! I may be tempted to get silly!!!

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