Familiar Territory

It is collage week in Misty Mawn’s mixed media workshop, and I finally feel like I am back in familiar territory. Collage and I are old friends. It’s way spiffy to watch Misty’s videos and really be able to focus on the inspiration & new techniques rather than trying to translate the language of drawing or painting into something familiar. I speak the language of collage, though Misty speaks it with a different accent than my own. She comes from a region of painters & sketch artists, while I am from the digital side of the tracks. I am excited to visit her neighborhood. I’ll be able to spend some serious time in my studio later this week trying some techniques I haven’t played with before. Fun!

In the meantime, part of our homework is digital collage and that I can do right here at my trusty Mac. In fact, I’ve already started to play a bit. I haven’t taken the time to sit and do any digital work in quite awhile, and I’d forgotten how much I love it. I didn’t realize how very much I have missed it until I became absorbed in choosing and manipulating my images yesterday.

I’ve already done several pieces. One even showcases my painted portrait… a whole new dimension to this notion of collage for me. The one I’m sharing with you here today is the newest of the three, inspired by our writing prompt from Misty last week. It’s called Winds of Change.

I’m so grateful to Misty for inspiring us and sharing her knowledge and her substantial talent with us each week in this workshop. I am also unreasonably grateful to her for pointing me back to a lost love.


One Response to “Familiar Territory”

  1. Awesome…so very awesome! I love keeping up with what you have been doing!!

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