Knitting Cartwheels

Misty’s class isn’t the only thing I’m doing this month… in fact my plate may be overly full. So far all of my new adventures are complimenting each other nicely, though –  so I’m going with it.

The most difficult thing I’ve tried to do this year is a beginners knitting class at a local yarn shop. I mean, drawing is daunting but at least I feel like I kinda speak the language enough to not get completely lost. Knitting was just this jumble of string and clumsiness. When I started, I thought that the needles were going to end up as kindling, but I made myself practice… and practice… and practice some more. I think I finally have the hang of the basic stitch, but I spent the weekend practicing so I could reinforce the muscle memory before moving on to the purl stitch on Tuesday.

What does knitting have to do with cartwheels, you may ask?

Well, I’ll tell you. There was a very short-lived television series called The Return of Jezebel James. If you took the time to blink, I’m sure you missed it. The main character wants a baby , but she can’t get pregnant, so she asks her sister to be a surrogate for her. That is the basic premise. But it had this great quote… “Cartwheels are hard!” When the doctor tells her she can’t have children, she tries to tell him that he must be wrong because she can do cartwheels. She thought she couldn’t do them when she was young, but she practiced and practiced them and finally mastered the cartwheel. I know that is comedy for denial, but I like the notion that when something seems impossible, you don’t just accept that and walk away.  So whenever I come across something new that doesn’t come easily, I remind myself that cartwheels are hard.

They are… but look at me now!


One Response to “Knitting Cartwheels”

  1. I am glad I am not the only one with a full art plate this month! Funny how we are 3000 miles away, and yet, we both decide to pick up knitting needles…AND take Misty’s class 🙂
    Yeah, cartwheels are hard…but not impossible!
    Your knitting looks fantastic! Mine is slowly becoming uneven…but I am determined to finish a scarf! EVEN if it looks VERY homemade 🙂

    Keep knitting, and arting, Patti!

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