I spent most of my day with my sketchpad doing my drawing homework for Misty’s workshop, and I have learned several things…

1. The blending stump is our friend!

2. I can actually draw an apple that looks kinda like an apple.

3. Using water to add shading to a line drawing is the bomb!

4. Blind contour drawings are not at all easy, but the results are kinda fun.

5. Sometimes mistakes really are happy accidents! (Thank you, Bob Ross)

6. Drawing requires great patience.

I’m really enjoying the assignments I’ve done thus far. I even tried drawing a face with moderate success. Yay me!

I still need massive amounts of practice with shading & shadows, and I need to slow down and try to take my time more. So much information in this workshop and so many things to try!

I think tomorrow I shall  practice line drawings, but in the meantime I ‘ll leave you with just one more picture from my sketchbook…


One Response to “Homework”

  1. I am SO in love!!!!! I really want to learn how to draw….yeah…we’ve had this conversation before…..

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