The year of living artfully…

2011 is upon us, and I have decided that this will be the year I finally devote myself to developing my art without giving in to distractions.

I was looking back over this blog last night, and my posts all had the same theme running through them… distraction. Distraction from getting my studio in order, distraction from making art, distraction from posting to the blog. I’m done with distractions. I know that life has a way of overwhelming you from time to time, but I still make time for my commitments.

This is the year I make a commitment to myself and my art!


My Art House is close enough to organized that I can work there happily without having to move boxes around for an hour just to find my paints, I seem to be on relatively good terms with my muse most days, and I think I can carve out the time to really court her.  I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

I have signed up for a 5 week online workshop with Misty Mawn called Stretching Within to give my intention a specific focus. I did this at the last minute – I’m sure those of you who know me are not surprised to learn this – and just posted my introduction to the group, a poem from our first prompt. I’m going to share it here…

I come from…


north & south

millworkers & poets

privilege & poverty

joys & disappointments

loyalties & betrayals

comfort & suffering

companionship & solitude

loss & discovery

chaos & order

hope & despair

I am a jumble of contradictions, roaming at the fringes

I am the solid bedrock at the center of my family

hard & soft

whimsey & gravity

fear & courage

strength & weakness

dark & light

angel & demon

I am the alchemy of all that I have

seen & felt

loved & hated

known & forgotten

I come from…


No more excuses! No more posts about why I haven’t been posting!

Just ART!


2 Responses to “The year of living artfully…”

  1. Patti, I am SO happy to see you back on your blog, and with a goal to create art! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your art house photo! What a great room to make cool stuff! I wanna come over and play 😉 Too bad I am 3000 miles away. But here in blogland, I am right next door!
    And I will be here to encourage you to keep those artistic intentions in focus, ok???

  2. The photo of your studio looks so great…we MUST get back there soon…I really think its calling my name!!! You are always so creative…always! Thanks for the heads up on the Misty Mawn class….I will email her.

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