Learning to Appreciate Imperfection

I do not draw much. I love to take pictures and use my own images in my work, but I do not particularly like the way I draw. I always feel like my pictures come out looking primitive & unskilled.

Having said that, I spent a couple of days with a sketchbook & a graphite pencil trying my hand at a little drawing. I have tried to look at my recent work with a less critical eye, and I admit there are one or two attempts that I sort of like… at least I don’t hate them as much as I usually do. I am going to post one here.    

Take that, inner critic!


3 Responses to “Learning to Appreciate Imperfection”

  1. I love your drawing! I think you are awesome to give it a try with your sketchbook…takes a lot of courage to try…so, with that being said…you rock!

  2. I agree with Ophelia! And I love it… I can see it as a component as well as a stand alone, too! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I am applauding from 3000 miles away!!! Yay! I know it takes courage, but you are giving it a chance, and look at the results! Your drawing is beautiful, and I can’t wait to see more. Practice, practice, practice is the best advice I was given, and it really works…just play iwth the pencil and paper, and kick the inner critic, and have fun! Love the art you make 🙂

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