It’s not about the Destination, it’s about the Journey

It has been several days since I was last in my studio to do any work. Mostly because I have been occupied with projects around the house and with helping my hubby get some things in order in my old studio so that he can turn it into a workshop. He is very excited! Also because the heat here is oppressive and has sucked every last ounce of motivation from me.

I have been thinking about the new studio in a very linear fashion… I must unpack and organize before I can get down to the business of making art again. Given recent developments, I have decided that this is not the way to approach things any longer. For one thing, my muse is starting to tickle me again now that some of the grief of the past year is lifting a little. For another, I spent some time last night with a good art buddy of mine, and she has inspired me to create.

I spent the morning with my sketchbook and a graphite pencil trying to become a little more comfortable with my drawing abilities… I am not there yet by any means and will require much practice, but I find I am enjoying the process quite a bit. There are even one or two attempts to draw girlies that I do not hate. Yay me!

And I don’t feel guilty about not unpacking today… well, not too guilty anyway.


2 Responses to “It’s not about the Destination, it’s about the Journey”

  1. A great time was had my dear!!!! Create, girlfriend, create!!

  2. Organizing is an art too… and it is a different muse. My organizing muse takes a lot of vacations…. Use the muse you’ve got! LOL!

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