Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans…

So here it is November 2008 already and I am still trying to finish moving back into my studio after last year’s renovation project! I am also still trying to find the time to check in here on this blog a little more regularly.

In fairness, I have had a lot going on since I got back from my summer travels.

I spent most of the summer designing a bathroom renovation & managing sub-contractors. I have so much respect for General contractors now I cannot tell you!

p9110187   p9110192It was kind of a bitch in process, but the results are not so bad.

I feel like I have a little spa in my bathroom now… which is a good thing, considering the development that followed on the heels of the renovation fun.


We got news that my Dad had to start chemo treatments for metastatic prostate cancer at the end of the summer. He is the primary caregiver for my Mom, who has advanced MS.




I have been very busy this fall, but they both seem to be holding up pretty well, so I don’t suppose I am in a position to complain too much. 

Not much time to really do alot of jewelry making or mixed media work, but I have tried to keep my muse occupied with photography & a little digital work.

I have done cover designs for a friend who writes romance novels. The first, Donovan’s Prize, is currently in print. The second, Upon Her Honour, is currently in the design stages but should be available soon. It is way spiffy to hunt a book on Amazon and see your own cover art staring back at you. Yay!

I also have my first solo photography exhibit in a small gallery space at a local Yoga & Pilates studio, so that’s spiffy cool as well.

I really miss playing with papers and glue and paints, oh my! I miss playing with the silver & my torch, too.

I also miss having the time to catch up with blogs – both reading others and writing my own. I have thought several times about adding a quick entry here and there when a free moment presented itself, but held off because I didn’t know when I might be able to return to it. I have decided tonight, though, to jump in with a quick line here and there as time allows and inspiration strikes. If entries are sporadic for awhile, then so be it, but I don’t want to abandon this blog. Someday I will have the time and energy to devote every bit of attention that this endeavor deserves. Until then, I hope you will bear with me while I do the best I can in the midst of the various other demands on my time.

Until we meet again…


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