Be Excellent to One Another

I was trying to track down some lost paperwork this afternoon while in the car on my way to an appointment and had to call information on my cell – thought I had brought the necessary business card along, but had not – and as I was asking for the listing, the operator apologized to me for cutting me off as I was saying ‘please’ because “I’m not used to anyone saying please” I didn’t mind being cut off & frankly didn’t really take note of it, but the exchange got me thinking…. Are we really too busy in our daily routine to use basic good manners?

Honestly, what does it cost us to say please & thank you as we go about our daily errands? Would it kill us to wait in line for more than 15 seconds without being snippy to the clerk who is backed up half a dozen customers with no other registers open? Is there some compelling reason we can’t wish the stressed out postal workers a Happy Holiday instead of complaining about the line when we are mailing our packages? During this season of peace & love, perhaps we should remind ourselves to show some consideration for those people who help us through our days.

I don’t mean to go off on a rant here, but the notion that the word please is so alien these days that it comes as such a surprise in an interaction as to require comment is something to take note of. I’m not pointing any fingers here, just making an observation. Lord knows, I have days when I am sure plenty of people regret having come anywhere near me, so I’m not perfect with this whole manners & consideration thing. I like to think I score in the positive column most days… perhaps I have just stumbled upon my first resolution for the new year.

Thank you for listening. I shall climb down from my soapbox now and return to my frenzied pursuit of laundry so I can pack clean clothes for my travels.


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