And the joy continues…

So I expect this to be yet another hectic day, but I wanted to check in before things get really frantic.

Yesterday was nuts! My car decided to start making really disturbing sounds, and I was afraid my suspension or my tire rods were about to do very bad things. Luckily, the mechanics called this morning, and it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. I do require 2 new tires, but I can have the car back this afternoon. That is both good & bad news… I was kind of looking forward to taking advantage of the fact that my son gets home from college for the Thanksgiving holiday this afternoon. After all, I chauffered him about enough when he was in high school – only good karma to allow him to return the favor, right?

We also realized yesterday while counting sliverware that we have somehow managed to misplace some dessert forks & made a run to a Crate & Barrel at the mall in a nearby town to try to shore up our supply. Sadly, it was a wasted effort, as our pattern seems to have been discontinued. I must figure out how to correct this problem today, along with picking up the turkey and other Thanksgiving feast necessities, having back to back dance lessons with both of my teachers this afternoon before the studio closes for the holiday, and meeting friends for dinner at 6. Not so bad on the face of it, but running back & forth to accomodate everyone’s timing & transportation needs makes it more complex than it really should be. Damn car trouble! Did I mention picking up the hubby from work at lunchtime – between meetings – so he can take me to retrieve my car?

I have spent the morning trying to get up to date on my email & doing some catalogue shopping for Christmas – I like to get the things that will have to ship out of the way early, so I’m not sweating it on the back end.

I have a full & exciting day ahead of me, so I suppose I should take a breath and go jump into it – but maybe just a little something decorative before I go…



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