Best Laid Plans

It’s mid-afternoon already, and guess where I am not

Yep, haven’t set foot in my studio all day. I decided to do a little work here on the old blog, though. If you will take note, my links have grown & mysteriously organized themselves into categories. All of this inevitably led to new discoveries, so I have had a lovely time blog surfing.

You cannot see the evidence of my other efforts, but I have also given my dog Lily a bath – she rolled in something dead and then came bounding in to cuddle with her mama – and I have done a good deal of my Christmas shopping online.

Somehow, it just seems like a day to snuggle up indoors with a nice cup of tea, a still slightly damp dog, & my trusty laptop.

Hooray for lazy Sundays!

Wanna see my baby girl?lily_121705.jpg


One Response to “Best Laid Plans”

  1. OH my gosh… What a beautiful puppy… I want to hug her (if she hasn’t rolled in something dead… lol..) I can get lost for hours just sitting at the computer blogging… Blogs are a curse AND a blessing… They are wolves in sheeps’ clothing…. lol…..

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