Skinny Book Swap

I just mailed off a set of pages for a Skinny Book swap yesterday. Signed up months ago through Altered Abby and have been very bad about pushing my deadline because I was mailing to a local address. It all worked out, though, because the pages are safely off to our hostess and my dining room table is once again free of the evidence of my art – just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Good thing, too – we are cooking for a crowd of 9 this year, so we’ll need the space.

Why were you doing art on the dining room table, you may ask? Because I am still avoiding the studio organization task. *hangs head in shame* Making art is just so much more fun than organizing your work space! I know, I know… must clean studio. And I will… eventually.

In the meantime, wanna see the art I made in the dining room?


I used this project as an excuse to really play with the some of the gesso techniques I learned in that workshop with Angela Cartwright. So much fun! This pic doesn’t really do justice to the full glory of the texture, but I managed to get a pretty spiffy effect.

I am all about the gesso right now. Just bought the Costco sized tub at the local Studio Supply store. I have the perfect spot to store it, too … just as soon as I clear some space in my studio.


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