Registered for Art & Soul!

Yay! I am officially registered for Art & Soul in Hampton, Va this coming May! *does brief happy dance*

I was hovering over my computer promptly at 4pm and managed to get all the classes I was jonesing for. Yay me!

I’m taking Transparency Collage-ssemblage & Creative Outlets with Michael de Meng, Chain Gang with Stephanie Lee, Graffiti Idea Book with Traci Bautista, Printing Blocks MacGyver Style with Traci Bunkers, & a Silver PMC Byzantine Chain Bracelet class with Sherri Haab & Scott David Plumlee.

I’m also booked at the hotel and good to go, so no worries here. I registered at the last minute for Portland and swore never again.

Wow! Registration hasn’t been open an hour and already all of the Sally Jean Alexander classes are closed! They were all closed by the time I finished my registration. One of my de Meng classes is closed, too. Gotta be fast.

*more happy dancing*


3 Responses to “Registered for Art & Soul!”

  1. Your classes sound awesome… I wanna come with you… lol…

  2. There’s still room in most of them.

  3. WAH!!!! All the Sally Jean classes looked open until the website re-opened and then they were closed.

    Everything you’re doing looks really cool. Love the blog, Patti, and am looking forward to seeing more!

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