Photography Field Trip

I know this is twice in one day – sort of, close to midnight counts as same day or no? – but I just can’t resist posting a few of these pics!

A friend is renovating an old garage and turning it into a studio space, and she let me come by today to play with my new toy. I adore the crumbling & untended. Anything that speaks of the wear of age & disrepair is like a siren’s song to me, luring me in with whispers of a rich history & stories of the passage of time. In short… I’m a sucker for faded glory. My friend was kind enough to let me capture some of the building’s character before she moves forward with her punch list.

One of the original lighting fixtures that she hopes to salvage…


A close up of the scarred & peeling paint along one of the walls…


One of the beautifully bedraggled bathrooms…


I particularly love this last one. It may be my favorite of the day.

Happy birthday to me.


One Response to “Photography Field Trip”

  1. Hope your birthday was the best. Fantastic photos you have taken, I too love the mirror one but they are all great studies which would look great as backgrounds in your art.

    Keep taking those photos!!!

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