Goals revisited

So I’ve been doing pretty good about posting everyday, and now I’m thinking about not only getting into the habit of blogging but also finding my voice. There’s no point in posting every day just to post something – though I will be sure to finish out this month with a daily post because I have set that goal and I want to follow through with it. I want to get in the habit of maintaining this blog on a regular basis rather than having it sit here waiting for the odd sporadic post. I also want to make sure that I’m posting for a purpose other than hearing the clicking of my nails on my computer keyboard.

I guess this is my round about way of saying that I am consciously thinking about how this will evolve now that I seem to be settling into a rhythm. I would love to offer clues as to the direction this evolution might take, but I’m still unsure of my blogger’s voice – just pleased to be in a position to seek one out. I’ve been reading more blogs lately, and they are all so diverse. I’m really enjoying my introduction to this online community & wondering why I was so resistant to jumping in.

I know it’s a little ADD to be seeking new & improved goals before making it to the half-way mark on the previous one, but I have pointed out that I am easily distracted by new shiny things. Over the years, I’ve learned to frame it as rampant enthusiasm rather than seeing it in a negative context. I’ve also learned to indulge my distractions in a way that does not allow me to wander too far from my original projects, so expect to see me here clicking away each day for the remainder of the month. Eventually, I will grow into my online voice and hopefully have something pretty interesting to say on occasion.


One Response to “Goals revisited”

  1. I love blogging… I look forward each day to sharing via my blog. Some days (probably most days) I don’t have much to say that anyone would want to read but it helps me to have a place to go and speak what’s on my mind and to share my art with others. I LOVE BLOGGING… and I LOVE READING BLOGS…. Keep up the good work…

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