Goth Barbie

I’ve been tired of my computer wallpaper for awhile, but I haven’t been sure what I wanted instead so I’ve left it.

When I was uploading pics from hubby’s camera yesterday, I discovered a shot he’d taken for me in a restaurant in Key West. They had these great goth Barbies in their windows, and I was really digging on them, so the Hubster whipped out his camera and snapped a pic or two. The one I used had a great backlit shadowy thing going on, so I decided to play with that and make myself a new spiffy wallpaper this morning…


I’m a little bit odd – I know, I’ve been told before.


2 Responses to “Goth Barbie”

  1. You KNOW I love this….. jaYne @ The Oddbird Studio

  2. I do.
    I’m glad.

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