Art is everywhere

My husband is used to me grabbing my camera & wandering off to take photos of things he wouldn’t look at twice, or insisting that he pull over and stop the car so that I can take a picture, if I happen to have my camera with me, or lamenting the fact that I do not have said camera to capture whatever has drawn my interest. He is also used to getting dragged to unlikely places when we are traveling because I simply have to take advantage of a particularly juicy photo op.

Yesterday, I found his camera in the glove compartment while he was pumping gas & I jumped out to take a quick photo or two. I was actually just looking for interesting textures to make a couple of grunge brushes for my photoshop collection, but this one turned out to be really interesting in itself without my manipulations…


The hubster’s mantra at times like these is ‘Art is everywhere.’

He is right.


One Response to “Art is everywhere”

  1. I too take my camera everywhere and my husband has got used to me
    shouting “stop the car” lol. I have lots of photos but have never figured out how to use them in my art work….one day!!!! Till then I shall keep snapping.

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