Slow Day

Nothing as exciting as my metalsmithing class today, I’m afraid. I did start another bracelet – am finally getting the hang of fusing without too many bad rings. I have a couple of friends who are getting bracelets for Christmas, and for once I have decided not to wait until the last minute.

I did take a couple of – hopefully – interesting photos, but was using hubby’s camera & it’s more complex to upload from, so I can’t share just yet. I’ll try to get them ready to go for tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, how about checking out the Thai weave bracelet I made the last time I took a metalsmithing class from Lillian…


We finished it in a day long class, but I ended up with a migraine from all of the detail work by the time we were done! I’m always ridiculously proud when I wear it, though – so I guess it was worth the headache.

I love her classes. She’s doing one next month with scrap silver and I can’t wait to go and play some more!


2 Responses to “Slow Day”

  1. All I can say is WOW!!! how lucky are your friends. Please share more pieces with us xxx

  2. Thanks, Dawn.
    My friends are getting the simpler weave bracelet in the previous post.
    This one was enough of a headache – literally – that I don’t plan to attempt it again any time soon.
    I did do another bracelet with a different weave – my first – but sadly I lost it on an airplane recently. I’m still bummed out about that! I think I have one picture of it but it wasn’t a very good one… so no real possibility of a pic there. I suppose I could photograph the ring, but my friend knows I made it for her – had to get the ring size – and I want to preserve some sense of surprise. Have to disappoint you again. Maybe after Christmas.

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