Metalsmithing Class

I made a bracelet today…


A local beading/jewelry supply store called Ornamentea offers spiffy classes. They also have a nifty online store… Actually, I live here and found the place because someone recommended their online store to me. I can’t remember who it was, but many thank yous, whoever you were!

At any rate, I took a bracelet weaving class there today with an enamelist named Lillian Jones. I’ve taken several of her classes – she has a series that she calls Silversmithing Lite – and I love her! I’ve made several bracelets with different weaves & a ring for my bestest girlfriend.

The technique that she teaches for the bracelets involves fusing fine silver rings and shaping & weaving them to produce a bracelet like you see here. The fusing can be a real pain, but it always seems worth it when I see the final result. It’s a real thrill to look at a nifty piece of jewelry & think ‘I made that!’ Way cool.

I’m off now to go and play a bit in the kitchen. My son is home from college this weekend & I promised to make him my famous vegetable beef soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.


2 Responses to “Metalsmithing Class”

  1. This is amazing… How long does it take to make one bracelet? I still love the name of your blog… Have a great weekend…

  2. Class was from 10:30 to 4:30 and we went home with a finished bracelet.
    If you wanna be hard core and determined, it’s definitely doable in a day.
    You need to fuse about 50 rings, then you shape them, anneal them & weave. The S clasp only takes 5 minutes or so – the bulk of your time is the fusing & shaping & weaving – Oh my!

    Thanks, I still like the name, too. =)
    Happy weekend to you, as well.

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