Huge Bummer!

I posted a piece yesterday that I designed for a class I was planning to pitch at the scrapbook/art store where I am on the design team, but sadly the owner announced at our meeting last night that she is going to close after the first of the year. I am so bummed for her and for the artists who love the store! She has tried to make it work and done all the right things, but cannot make the place financially viable. 

This is the point where I urge you all to support your local independent art stores. Art toys can be expensive & sometimes the big chain stores have better prices & fun coupons, but the little stores need our business to stay afloat.

I will miss Carolina Memories when it closes. I’ll miss the friendly staff, and the amazing classes, and the nifty selection of cool products that you just don’t see in the big chain stores.  It’s a sad day.


One Response to “Huge Bummer!”

  1. Our local store has just closed too. The shame of it is that it was a great place to meet people and swap ideas…have to look for somewhere else now 😦

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