Art Class Today

I spent my day in a workshop with Carol Owen. Way fun!
We did a class from 10 to 4 in techniques for doing covers of altered books. My favorite was painting & stamping on muslin and then using it to cover the book. We did several practice exercises on book covers that had been removed from their books & cardboard panels, as well as a couple of pieces of muslin.

Here’s a practice cover done with molding paste…

practice cover

Here’s a piece of the painted muslin…

painted muslin

Finally, here’s my book cover in progress on the actual book. It’s painted muslin attached with gel medium, but I’m not sure how I’m going to embellish yet…

book cover in progress

I also got to see several of my local art friends – Carol’s classes are kind of like little reunions. She lives in the area, so she does quite a few classes in local art & scrapbook stores, and there’s usually a regular crowd vibe when she does a workshop around here. It’s fun to play with the other artist children.

For those of you unfamiliar with Carol, she does these excellent spirit houses with foam core and found objects – really lovely work. She teaches workshops on that as well & has a book called Crafting Personal Shrines. I’m a Carol groupie; I admit it.

Back to today’s class, though…
In addition to the muslin, we played with paper napkins, metal tape & chipboard, molding paste, gel medium, metal scrap, dress patterns, & found objects. Oh my. Carols also gave us each a nifty little frame embellishment that she made with air dry clay. The weight was more like paper mache. I am really hot to try playing with air dry clay now! If I had any sense I would wait to run out to the craft store until I make more progress in my studio organization…

Show of hands from anyone who thinks I might muster that kind of self control? I thought not.


One Response to “Art Class Today”

  1. Love the effect you have achieved stamping/painting onto muslin – I shall give this a go. Lucky you have somewhere local to go for art classes.
    I shall pop back to see how you end up embellishing the book cover (no pressure there then!!!! Lol)

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