Art & Soul – Portland 2007

I recently returned from Portland where I attended my first Art & Soul retreat. What a blast!

I arrived Thursday and went into downtown Portland to do a little exploring and visit Powells bookstore. For those not familiar, it covers an entire city block, has four stories, and requires it’s own little map to navigate. In short, I was in heaven! New & used books, zines… hours of fun and a much heavier suitcase.

Friday I got up and went to a workshop with Traci Bautista called La Vie da Boheme. This was a fantastic experiment for me. I love her work and have been very inspired by her book Collage Unleashed so I was excited to take her class. Her style is so bright & vivid and my usual color pallet is very sepia toned, so I was really hoping to push myself outside of my comfort zone with this class. I only took bright colors and found that I really loved working with them to produce these papers & journal that we made. The class went from 9:30 to 4:30 and was the most fun I had all weekend. When I looked at the journal I did sitting next to my canvas from that evening’s class later on – I did the canvas in my preferred pallet – they didn’t look like they had been done by the same artist. That was exactly what I wanted – to play in another corner of the sandbox. Yay me!


I met several lovely women on the shuttle back to my hotel – Did I mention all of my classes were in the hotel across the highway? – including an excellent new art friend from California who took Angela Cartwright’s evening class with me. Thanks again for that extra canvas, Roberta! I had planned to get dinner between classes, but I was so excited to finish my journal from the morning class that I worked instead and then scrambled back across the way to Gesso Soup at 6:30.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really had fun with the techniques in this class. Embedding pictures into gesso, stamping & adding texture to the canvas & staining to bring it all out. Spiffy cool! And Angela is really interesting & funny. 3 hours very well spent.


I went back to work when I got back to the room from this class, too – at least until room service arrived with my belated dinner.

I had planned to spend the day exploring on Saturday, but sadly jet lag caught up with me and I spent most of the day asleep. I felt pretty sheepish about it when I woke up, but then I reminded myself that this was a retreat and napping is a perfectly acceptable retreat thing to do. So there.

At least I didn’t sleep through vendor’s night! I got to meet Michael de Meng and see his work up close and personal – a serious treat! I also came away with several really fun new stamps – yes, I am a stamp whore – and a new Sally Jean charm. My final purchase was a Claudine Hellmuth print and dvd. Thank God the ATM in the lobby was out of order! I cannot tell you how much trouble I might have gotten into otherwise.

Sunday it was up bright and early again for a 9:30 class with Claudine Hellmuth called the Frayed Edge. We worked on raw unstretched canvas and learned some really fun techniques with washes and transfers and water-soluable pastels. We also got to quiz her on what it was like to meet Martha. A good time was had by all.


Sadly, I had arranged to fly back on a red eye that same night. Note to self… really stupid idea, never do it again.
I got home after way too much travel joy to go into here and promptly sprained my ankle, so I have been out of commission and unable to work on the final push to move back into my art studio. The studio renovation is a story in itself, which I shall save for another day.

So, to sum up…
Art & Soul – good.
Cross country travel in the middle of the night – bad.
Pot holes & platform sandals – not a good combo.
Studio renovation – to be continued.


9 Responses to “Art & Soul – Portland 2007”

  1. Well done on your blog, looks like you had a fab time at your retreat and producec some wonderful stuff, love it all. Kudos to you for working outside your comfort zone – the journal came out really well.
    I shall add you to my blog notifier and that way I can check back to see what you are up to when you update.
    Enjoy BLoglandia – I do and hope you do too. xxxx Dawn

  2. Thanks, Dawn
    Wanna point me to your corner of Bloglandia so I can check it out?

  3. I’m so jealous of your weekend… I’ve never been to any kind of retreat or class whatsoever. I did go to a stupid stamping class one time that was a waste of time. I’m so excited you have a blog. Can’t wait to hear more. Hugs……….

  4. P.S. Love the name of your blog too….

  5. Hey Patti! Welcome to Bloglandia! It looks wonderful and I can’t wait to see more eye-candy. You’ve certainly done well so far. I’m dying to take a class with Angela. I want to get to Art & Soul one of these days but let the pressure of everyday things keep me home this year again. Last year I was in Portland the week after it! Take care of the ankle, kiddo. We can’t wait to see the finished studio pix!
    By the way, if you click on the name of the sender that is in bold type, you’ll go to the writer’s blog or website if they put one in. HUGS, Marilyn

  6. Thanks jaYne – I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks the title is nifty. =)

    Thnaks to you too, Marilyn. I highly recommend a class with Angela if the opportunity presents itself! I really enjoyed her. I’m looking forward to those finished studio pics myself. Appreciate the blogging tips.

  7. Yeah!! Welcome to the land of blogging! Wonderful eye candy from Art and Soul!

  8. Hey Carolina Girl!
    Glad to see you have caught up with the rest of us with a brand new blog 🙂 Love it all, and really enjoyed reminiscing with you on our Art and Soul adventures! It was outstanding, and I still can’t believe I was really there! It was something I had dreamed about for a long long time! Meeting you was icing on the cake 🙂 Take care of that ankle, and get back into your new and improved studio soon to create more exquisite art! Oh, and I want to hear more about the frayed edges class with Claudine. You shared some canvas with me, now I need to know how to use it 🙂
    Your friend across the wide expanse….

  9. Hi Patti, Great Job on your blog. You work from A&S is wonderful. I went last year and filled the entire week with classes. Won’t do that again as I had very little time to see anything in Portland. Anyway, you chose great classes and produced beautiful work. Toni

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