Hello world!

My first blog entry. Alrighty then…

I’m not sure I’m up to any exciting news or witty observations after navigating the getting to know you waters of my new pond. Maybe I’ll save the substance for another day. I do have news to share, though.
So, perhaps a preview of things to come.

I just attended my first Art & Soul retreat in Portland. Learned alot & met nifty people. I’m sure there will be pictures once I get the hang of this blogging thing.

I am also still in the process of renovating my studio. There were construction delays for many weeks, but they are over now. Sadly, the full responsibility for still being at loose ends on the moving in portion of the fun is all my own. In my defense, I was traveling to Portland & gracefully managed a nasty ankle sprain the day I returned. I suppose I still have an excuse until the swelling goes down.

Updating the new blog could be a great excuse to put off sorting and organizing, so I guess I’ll be keeping you posted. Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Nice blog! I too had my first day on Friday’s class with Traci.
    I was the large woman from Michigan. Enjoyed myself so much–class was everything I wanted – just wanted more, more, more. I did manage to get another class with her on Sunday, but I really wanted Monday as well.

    This was my first year, so hopefully I’ll get to branch out a bit in Virginia this coming year. Hope I’ve saved some dimes by then.

    Nice work – love your journal.

  2. Nancy, I wish I’d known we knew each other online! We could have made it a point to talk in between all the painting and binding. We’ll have to be sure to catch up with each other in Virginia.

    What other classes did you get to take with Traci? I love her!!!

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